Thursday, November 27, 2008

For Eyes

I personally believes that our eyes are the window of out heart. It is the key point of our face to attract, charm and allured others.. therefore we need to enhance our eyes.

Shape ur eyebrow with the help of Eyebrow Template.
Price $3.50

Apply ur mascara with the Eyelashes Helper.
Price $3.50

Draw ur eyeline with this Eyeliner Helper.
Price $3.50

11ml Charming Black Cat Mascara contains palm tree wax which help to thicken your eyelashes. (For thicken lashes)
- Lengthen and thicken your eyelashes.
- It's waterproof.
Price: $4.50

7ml Charming Black Cat Liquid Eyeliner.
-Fine tip for easy drawing.
-Dry fast after application.
- It's waterproof.
Price: $5.00

8ml Charming Angel Mascara contains vitamin original B5 formula and vitamin E that nourish your lashes.
-Lengthen ur lashes to the max
-Thicken and nourish it.
Price: $ 5.90